Under our General Accident Product offerings, we provide compensation for losses associated with accidental loss of life or injuries as well as other pecuniary losses in the normal course of daily life and business operations. The Cover for compensation comes under different policies such as:

Group Personal Accident

Provides benefits to employees, group members such as Clubs, schools, associations and affinity groups in the event that they sustain any injury, which may result in death or permanent disability (accidental in nature and not occurring from a natural cause) anywhere they are without geographical limitation. Cover operates on a 24-hour basis irrespective of whether or not the injury was sustained in the course of employment. The injury or death must however be as a result of an accident and not from natural causes(s).

Fidelity Guarantee

Fidelity Guarantee designed to protect your organization from direct pecuniary losses sustained through any act or acts of fraud, embezzlement, dishonesty or misappropriation committed by the insured’s employees and discovered during the currency of the insurance or termination of employment whichever shall happen first. Individual sum insured usually depends on the level of cash and/or stock handled by each employee.

Goods In Transit

This policy covers the risk of loss or damage associated with the movement of goods as a result of either fire, or accidental collision of conveying vehicle or loss by theft proximately caused by accidental collision or overturning of the conveying vehicle

Money policy

Money policy designed to cover loss of money and cheques as a result of theft and other causes not specifically excluded whether in transit, in a safe, on its premises, or as otherwise stated in the policy.